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Stew·ard·ship noun: the activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something.

Appropriately, stewardship is the theme for the 2014 NIAA Antibiotics Symposium. More specifically, the symposium will focus on antibiotic use and resistance, and moving forward through shared stewardship.

Share noun: a portion belonging to, due to or contributed by an individual or group.

Historically, the NIAA Antibiotics Symposium has brought together academia, government researchers, the scientific community and stakeholders within animal agriculture, human medicine and the environment to share and learn from each other in order to seek resolution about the often misunderstood issues of antimicrobial use and resistance.

This year will be no different. The goal of the symposium is to educate attendees about minimizing resistance and maintaining antimicrobials important for animal and human health. Keynote speakers representing both the animal and human health communities will identify and prioritize key resistance issues at the human and animal interface, present stewardship programs and metrics of success to minimize resistance, and conclude with real-world solution strategies to move forward.

Dis·cus·sion noun: the act of talking about something with another person or a group of people: a conversation about something

An integral part of the annual NIAA Antibiotics Symposium is discussion via small breakout groups and a large group session. To be a part of this meaningful dialogue, join the NIAA and others Nov. 12-14, 2014, in Atlanta, Ga. The Symposium is open to individuals who want to learn from each other, engage in productive discussion and create successful strategies to preserve antibiotic efficacy.


Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)Up to 12 CE Units have been approved by the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) based upon participation during the 2014 Antibiotic Symposium.

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