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Tuesday, January 19


Role of the USDA in Protecting Equine Health
Dr. Angela Pezel-McCluskey - USDA APHIS VS
Dr. Rory Carolan - USDA APHIS VS
Dr. Ellen Buck - Equine Import Specialist, USDA APHIS VS 

Role of State Animal Health Official in Protecting Equine Health

Dr. Katie Flynn - Equine Staff Veterinarian, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Role of Private Practitioner in Protecting Equine Health
Dr. Marvin Beeman - Veterinarian, Littleton Equine Medical Center

Overview of Diseases of Regulatory Importance (EIA, EHV, CEM, EP, Arbovirus & EVA)
Dr. Angela Pezel-McCluskey 

Wednesday, January 20

Overview of Diseases of Industry Importance
Dr. Nicola Pusterla - Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology, University of California-Davis 

Diseases of International Threat
Dr. Peter Timoney - Gluck Equine Research Center, Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Kentucky  

Overview of Risks of International Equine Movement 
Dr. Ellen Buck


Equine Traceability Role in Protecting Equine Health
Dr. Carl Heckendorf 

Advances in Equine Biosecurity over the Last 10 Years
Dr. Josie Traub-Dargatz - Professor of Equine Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State Veterinarian 

Thursday, January 21

Historical Lessons Learned and the Future of EHM
Dr. Jerry Black - Veterinarian and Director of the Equine Science Program, Colorado State University 


Summary, Conclusions and Steps Forward
Dr. Katie Flynn 

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