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The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) will be hosting their meeting April 8-11, exploring this year's theme Animal Agriculture; Innovation & Technology; Engaging the Consumers .

There is an ever increasing need to educate consumers with accurate information as anti–agriculture and pro–vegan organizations continuously message the general public through all the channels of communication and various social media platforms with outdated statistics, debunked cause and effects and even inflammatory headlines aimed at supporting their own agendas at the at the expense of animal agriculture.

The average consumer is now multiple generations removed from the farm, and modern food production is often misunderstood or even under assault in the media. One of the greatest challenges facing agriculture is improving the consumer's perception of modern agriculture.

Innovation and technology are constantly developing to help animal agriculture improve animal health, welfare, production sustainability and cost efficiency.Animal agriculture and stewardship go hand in hand, and today's technology innovations are aimed at continuing that partnership.

Join NIAA for presentations varying from Can Agriculture Save the Planet Before it Destroys It? to Challenges Facing Rural Entrepreneurs to Block Chain: Transforming the Supply Chain Around Animal Protein and more.

NIAA will also hold its Annual Business Membership Meeting during the Conference as well as Committee / Council Meetings. NIAA's Technology Showcase will be featured with displays of interest to all participants. 

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