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About NIAA

NIAA's purpose is to provide a forum to facilitate and engage industry leaders and organizations to derive solutions on the most current issues in animal agriculture.

If you are a professional engaged in animal agriculture as a producer, a veterinarian, scientist, government or allied industry representative, then membership in NIAA is for you.

NIAA carries a strong legacy of providing the U.S. livestock industry with a forum to collectively address issues of common interest. Successor to the Livestock Conservation Institute (LCI), NIAA began operations in January 2000 and addresses issues of interest to the industry, providing vital industry information, continuing education and communication outlets for animal agriculture professionals.

NIAA is dedicated to programs to:

  • Work towards the eradication of diseases that pose a risk to the health of animals, wildlife and humans;
  • Promote a safe and wholesome food supply for our nation and abroad;
  • Promote best practices in environmental stewardship, animal health and well-being.

An important component of NIAA educational and informational programs is the exchange of technical and other information to help members to be better informed and better able to do their jobs. Through discussions industry-wide, positions are taken, voted on and become industry policy. NIAA is a facilitator of solutions for the animal agriculture industry as workshops pull together decision-makers, problems are identified and solutions initiated for industry-wide gain.

NIAA issue initiatives encompass the entire animal agriculture field including cattle, sheep, swine, avian, equine and aquaculture industries. The organization addresses many traditional livestock industry issues, such as animal health, animal care and handling, animal production (on-farm) food safety, animal identification and information systems and environmental issues, but also engages in emerging issues such as international trade and biotechnology, preventive herd/flock health strategies, disease eradication, animal health emergency management, animal health and trade and emerging diseases. 

Communication & Information Dissemination

The need for shared information between industry, government and the research community is greater today than perhaps ever before.

NIAA publications provide a communications link between producers, veterinarians, researchers, academicians, government veterinarians and regulatory personnel. NIAA's Weekly News Bulletin gleans information of interest to those in animal agriculture, saving readers significant time and is disseminated every Thursday.

The information generated by NIAA provides animal agriculture professionals with knowledge to improve food animal production and create a safe and wholesome food supply, improve animal care and handling and eradicate
costly diseases which threaten the health of our domestic animal population,
as well as human health.

Building Consensus/Advancing Solutions

Animal agriculture is a large and diverse industry. NIAA is where animal agriculture comes together to address issues in a unified manner. NIAA coordinates and facilitates regional workshops and national conferences and symposia addressing issues that affect animal agriculture and the public at-large.

The organization provides a forum for industry, research and government to address these issues collaboratively in order to reach a unified resolve.

NIAA will provide opportunities to explore and build consensus, promote better understanding of knowledge/information, and function as an objective mediator among differing and conflicting positions to result in a common position representing the total animal agriculture industry.

Continuing Education & Other Educational Programs

 NIAA strives to fill a void in providing continuing education opportunities to professionals involved in animal agriculture. NIAA coordinates and provides personal growth conferences for animal agriculture professionals

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