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Committee & Council Leaders

Species Committees

Aquatic Livestock

Co-Chair: Ms. Angela Caporelli, Kentucky Department of Agriculture
     Co-Chair: Mr. Todd Low, Hawaii Department of Agriculture
  2017-2018 Resolutions 


Co-Chair: Mr. Nathan Dewsbury - Individual
    Co-Chair: Dr. Tony Good, Select Sires, Inc.
  2017-2018 Resolutions


Co-Chair: Dr. Carl Heckendorf, Colorado Department of Agriculture
  2017-2018 Resolutions


Co-Chair: Dr. Hector Cervantes, Phibro Animal Health
Co-Chair: Dr. Terry Slaten, Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
  2017-2018 Resolutions

Small Ruminant

Co-Chair: Dr. Jim Logan, Wyoming Livestock Board
Co-Chair: Dr. Barry Pittman, Utah Department of Agriculture
  2017-2018 Resolutions


Co-Chair: Dr. Andrew Bowman, The Ohio State University 
  2017-2018 Resolutions

Issues Councils

Animal Care

Co-Chair: Mr. Ernie Birchmeier, Michigan Farm Bureau
Co-Chair: Chelsea Good, J.D., Livestock Marketing Association
  2017-2018 Resolutions

Animal Health Emergency Management

Co-Chair: Dr. Lucas Pantaleon, Virox Animal Health
Co-Chair: Dr. James Averill, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
  2017-2018 Resolutions

Animal Identification & Information Systems

Co-Chair: Dr. Boyd Parr, Clemson University
Co-Chair: Mr. Glenn Fischer, Allflex USA
  2017-2018 Resolutions


Co-Chair: Dr. Eric Moore, Norbrook, Inc. 
Co-Chair: Dr. Patrick Gorden, Iowa State University
  2017-2018 Resolutions

Global Animal Health and Emerging Diseases

Co-Chair: Dr. Carla Huston, Mississippi State University
Co-Chair: Dr. Julie Smith, University of Vermont
  2017-2018 Resolutions

Food Security, Regulatory & Trade 

Co-Chair: Dr. Leonard Bull, Logical Solutions Consulting, LLC
Co-Chair: Dr. Linda Hickam, Missouri Department of Agriculture
  2017-2018 Resolutions

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