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"We can't make long-term research decisions and long-term business decisions without knowing where the industry is heading a year or two years from now. This organization gives us the opportunity to look at that landscape and predict with a bit more clarity where we want to be a year or two from now."
R. L. "Rick" Sibbel, DVM, Merck Animal Health
NIAA Member Since 2000

"We have a dairy farm and I am a veterinarian for dairy farm families. We all market our milk through a co-operative. A co-operative helps all members thrive and grow. To me, NIAA is like a co-operative. NIAA gives a voice to all its members by its organizational efforts to create a forum for animal agriculture to come together to discuss issues and solve problems."
Karen Jordan, DVM, Dairy Farmers of America
NIAA Member Since 1988

Keep Current - Manage Change

Are you overwhelmed with the explosion of research on the well being of our Livestock? And consumers’ focus on the quality of the food we produce? Worry that you keep focused on the latest research?

Rick said it so well. NIAA’s primary mission is, in fact, to keep you informed on the latest news, discoveries, and developments in the Animal Ag Industry.

Enjoy Prosperity When You Grow with That Change

The staff at NIAA has only one mission, to provide a source for individuals, organizations, and the entire animal agriculture industry to obtain information, education and solutions for challenges facing animal agriculture.

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