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Benefits of Becoming an NIAA Member

NIAA members get a lot for their investment...

It's easy to participate and benefit from your association with NIAA. For some, it is the active participation in meetings and committee work that is most beneficial. For others, it is continuing education. Still others find the great wealth of information that comes from NIAA most valuable.

Membership is a unique opportunity...

  • To network with a diverse audience from the animal agriculture industry, including industry professionals, state and federal regulators and the research community
  • To influence industry directed solutions to animal health, animal care and food safety concerns in North America
  • To stay informed on the forefront of issues impacting the direction of meat animal production in North America.

Membership Categories

National Associations and Commercial Organizations
Membership for organizations and corporations that operate at a national or international level, as well as federal agencies (such as USDA's APHIS and FSIS, FDA and DHS). Multiple organization contacts permitted within this membership, full voting privileges. 

State Level Associations & Publicly Supported Institutions/Agencies
Membership for state government agencies, diagnostic laboratories, university-affiliated groups or associations that operate at a state level, and also federal agencies at regional locations.  Multiple organization contacts permitted, full voting privileges.

Individuals (Self-Employed)
Membership for self-employed or small entities, such as producers, practitioners, retirees or others that do not fit a state or national level membership.  Single contact, full voting privileges.

Services and Benefits

  • Serve on Committees & Councils--be integrally involved in addressing key issues affecting animal agriculture...Join Now!
  • Become a Leader -- utilize talents and enhance your leadership portfolio by serving with a prominent national organization
  • Voting Rights - allows you to influence industry direction
  • Weekly News Bulletin - stay abreast of industry news and information relating to key issues in animal agriculture
  • Virtual Membership Directory - be listed with a direct link to member organization sites
  • Discounts on Meeting Registrations - save money on educational meetings/conferences/continuing education opportunities

Membership in the NIAA is open to all persons and entities, subject to review and approval by the NIAA Board of Directors. Membership in the NIAA is not based on race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, religion or political beliefs.  The NIAA provides a forum for open discussion on differing viewpoints affecting agriculture. However, NIAA's Board of Directors reserves the right to deny an application for membership when, in its sole discretion, it determines that an applicant's membership will be unduly disruptive or contrary to the mission and goals of the NIAA.

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