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"The first year that I joined I attended the second antibiotic symposium held in Columbus, Ohio in 2012! I had the opportunity to network with veterinarians, scientists, industry, producers, state and federal employees, food supply groups, etc. all who shared a common interest in antibiotics. What I learned during this symposium and subsequent symposia I have brought back to Auburn to share with our colleagues and students. Auburn has completed several research projects and increased education of proper usage and disposal of antimicrobials by both humans and animals."

Sue Duran, DVM
Veterinary Pharmacist
Auburn University

NIAA Member Since 2013

"The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) contintues to impress me with their ability to keep pace with the rapid changes that affect the current livestock industries. NIAA is able to maintain a balanced view of both industry challenges and public expectations and is able to bring these issues into forum for relevant and effective discussion."

Mr. Todd Low
Manager - Aquaculture 
Hawaii Department of Agriculture

NIAA Member Since 2012

"I was very impressed by the organization of the meeting, the level of the speakers and the different stakeholders coming together with an open mind and collaborative spirit. I think a key benefit of being part of NIAA is being part of a team which works passionately together to learn and try to solve complex issues in the animal agriculture space." 

Lucas Pantaleon, DVM, MS, DACVIM, MBA
Senior Clinical Veterinarian Advisor 
Virox Animal Health

NIAA Member Since 2014

"Members can make a difference by their participation in NIAA because the ability to influence policies and decisions that benefit animal agriculture is tremendous. The more you put into it, the more you get out."

Mr. Kevin Maher
VetMeasure, LLC

NIAA Member Since 2001







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