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Industry News


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HSUS' Disturbing TV Commercial in North Carolina (5-28-13)

Beware the HSUS Olive Branch (5-27-13)


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Humane Society of the U.S. Starts Ohio Agriculture Group (4-25-13)

HSUS, Underwood Pressure TN Governor to Veto Bill (4-23-13)

HSUS Director Warned by Feds Over Sore Horse (4-18-13)

Jolley: HSUS hangs Wyoming Premium Farms (4-12-13)

Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS Scam

Animal Rights Groups Sue FDA, USDA Over Egg Cartons (4-2-13)


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FSIS Grants One Downer Petition, Rejects Another (3-25-13)


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Letter: Only Aim of HSUS - End All Animal Agriculture (2-26-13)

Seaboard Settles HSUS Complaint Without FTC Action (2-13-13)

HSUS and Others File Suit to Reinstate Gray Wolf Protections (2-12-13)

South Dakota Ag Groups Fight Animal Rights Legislation (2-11-13)

New Ad Focuses on HSUS' Lack of Support for Animals (2-7-13)


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Animal Protection Groups Urge New Hampshire House Environment and Agriculture Committee to Oppose Harmful Ag-Gag Bill (1-14-13)

The HSUS Releases Annual Ranking of State Animal Protection Laws (Jan. 2013)

Veterinarians Counter HSUS Opposition to Maternity Pens (1-11-13)

Horse Slaughter Suit Hits USDA, Humane Society (1-9-13)

Animal Rights Group Settles Lawsuit With Ringling (1-2-13)


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Humane Society Wants Egg Lawsuit Quashed (12-14-12)

Commentary: HSUS and the 'Food Cliff' (12-4-12)


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HSUS Files Complaint Against Nat'l Pork Board's Use of Funds (11-30-12)

HSUS 'A Big Loser' in Elections (11-1212)


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HSUS Video, 'A Pig's Tail' Targets Young Children (10-26-12)

Humane Society Wins BENNY Awards for Animal Housing Campaign (10-23-12)

HSUS Criticizes Tyson's Animal Well-Being Audits (10-15-12)

HSUS Attempts to Silence Pork Producers

Dairy Owner Fires Five After Video (10-11-12)

Ad Exposing HSUS's Emotionally Manipulative Message Airs in Iowa (10-8-12)

Commentary: HSUS Fundraising Confusing To Animal Care Supporters (10-2-12)

Humane Society President Seeks Seat on Tyson Board



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HSUS Sow Stall Effort ''Absolutely Not Justifiable'' (9-25-12)

HSUS Files Suit, NPPC Calls it a Bullying Tactic (9-24-12)

Pregnant Pigs Treated Humanely (9-20-12)

USDA Announces Recent Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act Enforcement Actions (9-17-12)

Humane Handling Is Essential To All Aspects of Beef Industry (9-11-12)

Animal Care Event (9-10-12)

Jolley: Talking Gestation Crates with Matt Prescott of the HSUS (9-4-12)

California Slaughterhouse Reopens with Vow to Not Suffocate Animals or Shock Them in the Face (9-1-12)


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Butterball Farm Worker Guilty of Animal Cruelty (8-28-12)

Group Protests at Fort Myers Walmart Over Animal Cruelty

Addressing The Emotion Of Animal Welfare (8-22-12)

Statement from Dave Daley, Ph.D., California State University, Chico, on Undercover Videos at California Processing Facility (8-21-12)

USDA Announces Recent Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act Enforcement Actions (8-20-12)

HSUS Wants Tyson Foods to Disclose Gestation Stall Plans (8-17-12)

HSUS Ads Spotlight Gestation-Sow Stalls (8-7-12)

HSUS Launching Ad Campaign against Pork Industry (8-3-12)


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Alliance Ends 25 Year Relationship With Bank of America (7-30-12)

Former FDA Veterinarian Calls for an End to Antibiotic Overuse in Animal Agriculture during Capitol Hill Briefing (7-26-12)

Radical Animal-Rights Group Not Telling Truth About Animal Care (7-24-12)

Animal Care Panel Reviews MFA Undercover Video (7-17-12)

House Farm Bill Threatens California Animal Welfare Laws (7-13-12)

The HSUS Serves Notices of Intent to Sue More Than 50 Pig Confinement Facilities for Toxic Air Pollution (7-11-12)

Animal Rights Activists Say Video Shows Horse Abuse At Reno Rodeo More Extensive Than Thought (7-6-12)


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FAO and OIE Cooperate to Control Foot-And-Mouth Disease (6-27-12)

Treating Mastitis in Dairy Cattle with Vitamin D (6-18-12)

Prevent Undercover Videos With Proper Animal Care

Letters: Humane Treatment Of Poultry Worth Price (6-15-12)

Responding to HSUS' 'Retail Activism' (6-12-12)

Group Demands HSUS CEO To Apologize For Comparing Farming With Slavery

Live from WPX 2012: A Look at the UEP/HSUS Agreement (6-8-12)

Activists Stage Protest at World Pork Expo (6-6-12)

Do Rising Farm Exports Affect Animal Welfare? Interview With HSUS's Paul Shapiro (6-5-12)





NIAA Publications

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Opening General Session Speakers Tackle Animal Care, Well-Being Issues Head-on (Summer, Animal Agriculture Quarterly)


New Producer-Led Coalition:  National Dairy Animal Well-Being Initiative (Fall/Winter, Cattle Health Report)


2011 NIAA Annual Conference:  Consumers' Stake in Today's Food Production:  Meeting Growing Production Demands with Integrity

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Session I: Elements of a Stable Food Supply

      Consumers' Perceptions and Role in Understanding Current and Future Production Practices
      Mr. Charlie Arnot, CEO, Center for Food Integrity, Kansas City, MO [Audio]

Equine Committee Session

      Nebraska's Legislative Solutions to America's Unwanted Horse Problem (No presentation available)
      Tyson Larson, State Senator, Nebraska Legislature

Animal Care Council Session

      How American Consumers View American Production Practices
      Charlie Arnot, Center for Food Integrity [Audio]

      How European Consumers View American Production Practices
      Dr. Peter Groot Koerkamp, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

      The Impact of Welfare Media Coverage on Meat Demand
      Dr. Glynn Tonsor, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University [Audio]

      Transgenic Animal Production: Public perceptions and expectations for animal care and welfare (No presentation available)
      Dr. William Gavin, Vice President of Farm Operations & Chief Veterinarian, GTC Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Animal Agriculture Advocacy Council Session

      USFRA: Building trust in today's agriculture
      Hugh Whaley, General Manager, U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance [Audio]

      Investigations of HSUS Investigations
      Rod Smith, Staff Editor & Writer, Feedstuffs [Audio]

      Food Plate Tectonics: Thriving on the fault line
      Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, Unison Resource Company, representing Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) [Audio]

      The Alliance to Feed the Future Initiative
      David Schmidt, President & CEO, International Food Information Council

Session V: Building Consensus and Developing Solutions

      Moderator: Ms. Carrie Lee, Anchor, FiOS1 News, Long Island, NY [Video]

      Producer Perspectives and Initiatives on Increasing Food Production with Integrity: Hickman's Family Farms
      Mr. Clint Hickman, VP of Sales & Marketing, Hickman's Family Farms, Buckeye, AZ [Audio]

      Addressing Consumer Concerns with Modern Food Production: Bringing producers, academia, and health professionals together
      Mr. David Schmidt, President & CEO, International Food Information Council, Washington, DC

      The European Perspective on Initiatives to Increase Food Production Capabilities in Responsible Systems
      Dr. Peter Groot Koerkamp, Professor in Biosystems Engineering/Agrotechnology & Interim Professor in Animal Production Systems,       Wageningen University, The Netherlands [Audio]


2010 NIAA Annual Meeting:  ONE HEALTH: Implications for Animal Agriculture

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Animal Care Committee Session

      Ballot Initiatives: The Ohio experience

      Mike Bumgarner, Ohio Farm Bureaue Federation [Audio]

      Welfare: The Husbandry-Health Link: The swine perspective

      Dr. James McKean, Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostics and Production Animal Management [Audio]

      Welfare: The Husbandry-Health Link: A microbiologist's perspective

      Dr. Robin Anderson, USDA/ARS [Audio]

      Welfare: The Husbandry-Health Link: The poultry perspective

      Dr. Pat Wakenell, Purdue University [Audio]

      Welfare: The Husbandry-Health Link: The cattle perspective

      Dr. Ann Wilkinson, Pfizer Animal Health [Audio]


2009 NIAA Annual Meeting:  The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture

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Animal Care Committee Session
    What Face is Currently Seen?  What Are the Stories on the Newspaper's Front Page or Television's Evening News?
      Update on Soring
     Dr. Rachel Cezar, USDA/APHIS/Animal Care
      Recent Factors Impacting Equine Welfare
     Essie Rogers and Ginny Grulke, Kentucky Horse Council
      Ballot Initiatives:  How do these things happen?
     Dr. Gail Golab, American Veterinary Medical Association
      “Humane Officers”:  Who are they?  How are they identified?  What are their rights and responsibilities? (No presentation available)
     Becky Reiter, Boone County and Kentucky Animal Control Boards
    How We Shape the Face of Animal Care in American Agriculture
      Shaping Public Opinion:  How the pork industry does it
      Sherrie Niekamp, National Pork Board
      Shaping Public Opinion:  How the dairy industry does it
     Dr. Jamie Jonker, National Milk Producers Federation

Equine Committee Session
    Equine Industry Welfare Initiatives
      NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance
     Peggy Hendershot, National Thoroughbred Racing Association
      Equine Welfare and Safety at USEF
      Beth Taylor, United States Equestrian Federation
      AAEP Welfare Initiatives (No presentation available)
      Sally Baker, American Association of Equine Practitioners
      The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium:  An introduction
Hallie Roach, Racing Medication and Testing Consortium


2008 NIAA Annual Meeting: Animal Care and Well-Being: Facts NOT Fiction

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Opening General Session
      Animals Past, Animals Future:  The development and direction of the animal protection movement
      Dr. Wes Jamison, University of Florida
      Animal Care:  Diverging ethical perspectives
      Dr. Ray Stricklin, University of Maryland [Audio]
      Remarks About U.S. Animal Agriculture
Secretary Ed Schafer, U.S. Department of Agriculture [Audio]
      The US Political Arena: On the table, and on the horizon (No Presentation Available)
      Steve Kopperud, Policy Directions, Inc. [Audio]
      Protecting Our Freedom to Operate:  How do we earn and maintain the social license we need to protect our freedom to operate?
     Charlie Arnot, CMA Consulting [Audio]

Animal Care Committee Session

     Looking in the Mirror
         Equine Industry: 
            Animal Welfare 2007-2008:  A Kentucky perspective
            Dr. Robert Stout, Kentucky Department of Agriculture
Dr. Rachel Cezar, USDA/APHIS Animal Care [Audio]
        Dr. Gail C. Golab, American Veterinary Medical Association [Audio]
         The Politics of Issues Like Lamb Taildocking
Dr. Jeff Goodwin, Colorado State University [Audio]
     Looking in the Future
         Poultry Industry UEP (No Presentation Available)
         Gene Gregory, United Egg Producers
         American Veal:  Excellence in agriculture
         Bryan Scott, American Veal Association
         The Pork Industry:  Shaping our future
         Sherrie Niekamp, National Pork Board

Cattle Health Committee Session

      The National Dairy Animal Well-Being Initiative
Dr. Jamie S. Jonker, National Milk Producers Federation [Audio]
      Talking to Consumers about Farm Animal Welfare
Dr. Bailey Norwood, Oklahoma State University [Audio]
      The Beef Industry's Response to Animal Welfare
Dr. Bob Smith, VRCS, LLC [Audio]

Sheep & Goat Health Committee Session

      Sheep and Goat Welfare Issues:  Being proactive (No Presentation Available)
     Dr. Stan Curtis, University of Illinois [Audio]

Animal Health & International Trade Committee Session

      OIE Animal Welfare Perspective
Dr. Dave Harlan, Cargill [Audio]
      Animal Welfare Research and Policies in Europe:  Potential implications for animal agriculture in the USA
Dr. Ed Pajor, Purdue University [Audio]
      Animal Welfare and the Scientific Method
Dr. Suzanne Millman, Iowa State University [Audio]

Animal Production Food Safety & Security Committee Session
      European Union:  Consumer driven animal welfare and food safety
     Jostein Dragset, European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General [Audio]
      Farm Animal Care and Auditing:  A 10,000 foot view of the present
     Mike Simpson, Professional Animal Auditors Certification Organization


2007 Annual Meeting:  BioFuels Energy:  Animal Agriculture at the Crossroads

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Animal Care Committee Session

      Mass Depopulations: Techniques, Strategies, and Considerations
      Dr. Kevin Varner, USDA, APHIS, Veterinary Services

      Contemporary Issues in Today’s Welfare
      Dr. Chris Ashworth, Monsanto Choice Genetics


2010-2011 Resolutions

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