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Hot Topic:  Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)

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2010-2011 Resolutions:  Cattle Committee
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Industry News


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New BSE Status Should Boost Exports (2-21-13)


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Brazil Announces Audit To Curb BSE Fears (1-13-13)

Brazil Says Egypt Never Restricted Its Beef Over Mad Cow (1-2-13)

World's Response To Brazilian BSE Case Is Measured


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Brazil Reports First Case of 'Mad Cow Disease' in a Cow That Died Two Years Ago (12-11-12)

Brazil Keeps BSE Status After Prion Protein Scare 12-11-12


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Manitoba Vet Fined in Mad Cow Case (10-1-12)


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Billboard Firm Rejects PETA's Hanford Mad Cow Ad (5-24-12)

Billboard Company Rejects PETA Ad, Questions Message (5-22-12)

Mad Cow Quarantines Lifted at 2 California Dairies (5-18-12)

Protecting Beef from BSE Fallout (5-4-12)

Two Dairies Quarantined During Mad cow Disease Investigation (5-2-12)

South Koreans Meet With USDA Veterinarian on Mad Cow Disease (5-1-12)


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International Response to BSE Case (4-30-12)

Update from USDA Regarding a Detection of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in the United States (4-26-12)

Analysis: US Mad Cow Find: Lucky Break or Triumph of Science? (4-25-12)

Statement by USDA Chief Veterinary Officer John Clifford Regarding a Detection of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in the United States (4-24-12)


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Japan Reports New Strain Of ‘Mad Cow’ Disease (11-25-11)

New Form Of Mad Cow Disease Found In 2 Swiss Cows (11-22-11)


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Return to Feeding Animal Protein on its Way? (7-11-11)

UK: BSE Testing Age Limit Raised (7-4-11)


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AMI Joins Industry Groups Urging USDA to Finalize Comprehensive BSE Rule (6-15-11)

NIAA Publications


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‘Controlled Risk Country’ for BSE (Summer, Cattle Health Report)

Variation in the U.S. Bovine Prion Gene Identified (Spring, Animal Agriculture Quarterly, Cattle Health Report)


2009 NIAA Annual Meeting:  The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture

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Cattle Committee Session
     New FDA Feed Regulations, Renderer Requirements, and Impact on Cattle Producers     
     Dr. David Meeker, National Renderers Association

2010-2011 Resolutions

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  • Cattle:  Use of Bovine Blood

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