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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Perspectives on Equine Identification and Traceability
Audio     PDFWelcome & Introductions Dr. Katie Flynn
Audio     PDF Why Equine Identification & Traceability Ms. Summer Stoffel
Audio     PDFPrivate Practitioner Perspective   Dr. Jim Morehead
Audio     PDFEquine Owner Perspective Dr. Glenn Blodgett
Audio     USHJA Perspective Ms. Mary Babick
Audio     AQHA Perspective Mr. Craig Huffhines
Audio     PDFArabian Horse Association Perspective
Ms. Debbie Fuentes
Audio     PDFJockey Club Perspective Mr. Matt Iuliano
Perspectives on Equine Identification & Traceability
Above Speakers 
Equine Identification Technology and Electronic Health Records

Audio     PDF
Audio     PDF
Regulatory Perspective on
Individual Equine Identification 
Dr. Angela
Dr. Carl Heckendorf
Dr. Diane Stacy
Audio     PDF Equine Microchips 101  Dr. Marta LaColla
Future of Microchipping in the United States
Above Speakers
Audio     PDF Electronic Health Records:
Owner Benefits of Linking Electronic ID
Mr. Craig Huffhines
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Audio     PDF Traceability of Equine - Health Perspective Dr. Carl Heckendorf
Audio     PDF Traceability of Equine Microchips Dr. Angela
Microchip Data Storage Systems
Audio     PDF Database Management in Small Animals  Mr. Kenneth Klaus
Audio     PDF AAHA Model - A Microchip Search ToolMs. Katherine Wessels
Advancing Identification and Equine Health
Audio     PDF Overview of Electronic Health Certification Systems:
Passports & Certificates of Veterinary Inspection 
Dr. Alex Turner

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