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SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

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Will ag tech save the livestock industry?

Successful Farming

How can technology reduce the effects of the industry challenges in 2020 and into the future?

piglet eating
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USDA proposes producers use electronic ear tags by 2023.

The Lane Report

RFID tags strengthens Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) system and could be considered official ID.

Cow grazing with ear tag
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9 out of 10 people that buy the Impossible Burger regularly eat meat – Think alternative proteins are a niche trend? Think again. Seventy-two percent of Impossible Burger's sales displace animal-derived foods.

$55M awarded in federal relief to agriculture businesses in Tennessee  The funds come from the newly established Coronavirus Agricultural and Forestry Business Fund to help stabilize the food supply chain and agribusiness economy.

Soilworks launches regenerative beef brand – The San Antonio-based, regenerative ag-focused firm unveiled a ‘regenerative beef’ company called Wholesome Meats that distributes throughout Texas.

Feed sensor startup raises $7.7M in Series A funding – BinSentry is designing solar-powered sensors to monitor livestock feeding routines.

New broiler welfare study released – University of Guelph study finds that slow-growing broilers may have better animal welfare outcomes. 

Iowa revives 'ag-gag' law – The 2012 statute outlawing false statements to gain access to a livestock production facility, was ruled unconstitutional in 2019. The defendants have appealed and will be heard in Iowa's eighth circuit court.

Border inspections are the first line of defense to protect agriculture – The 2021 fiscal year could see an estimated $630-million funding shortfall in Agriculture Quarantine Inspections (AQI) at U.S ports of entry.

Help for farmers and ranchers affected by hurricanes – USDA has programs providing assistance in the wake of disasters like the recent hurricanes. 

Oklahoma sued to block plant-based disclaimer – Oklahoma's “Meat Consumer Protection Act” becomes law on Nov 1. The Act  prohibits plant-based brands from using “meat terms” to describe their foods. 

Australian startup focuses on sustainability and antibiotics – ProAgni's mission is to eliminate the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics in intensive livestock production through feed additive technology.

Ag research is being disrupted – Wild fires have damaged research facilities in addition to delays and budget cuts in agricultural research due to COVID-19.


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OPPORTUNITIES in Animal Agriculture

Healthy Farms Healthy Agriculture offers Discovery Learning Series

The Healthy Farms Healthy Agriculture (HFHA) Project’s Biosecurity Learning Module Series is for students and is intended to create a new culture of biosecurity advocates.

Learn more by visiting,

USDA in search of candidates for air quality task force

The Task Force advises the Secretary of Agriculture on air quality and its relationship to agriculture based on sound scientific findings and review of research on agricultural air quality supported by federal agencies. 

To apply or learn more, visit here.

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